Dulwich College 2019

Dates: July 13th 2019 - August 10th 2019

In 2019 we will be running our education programme at Dulwich College in the UK, between July and August. We have teamed up with the WildHearts Group and their award-winning Micro-Tyco programme to deliver a unique summer programme for our students. The aim is to add a practical element to our teaching of entrepreneurial and skills for life using our own programme, complemented with the Micro-Tyco method as we look to prepare students for the workplace of the future.

Micro-Tyco is an enterprise challenge that enables participants to practice and learn fundamental business principles in a safe, ‘micro’ environment. Teams will turn £1 seed capital into as much money as possible over the course, facilitated by the Endeavour Journeys and WildHearts teams. At the end of the challenge 100% of the money created is invested by WildHearts in micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in the developing world. The students 'become entrepreneurs to fund entrepreneurs'. As part of attending the programme at Dulwich, students will have the opportunity to compete in the global initiative with students from all over the world and will automatically achieve a Bronze award from Babson Entrepreneur University in the USA. After the programme, students will have the opportunity to earn Silver or Gold awards in their own time, which has a range of benefits, including helping to differentiate a university application.

The course aims to release participants’ latent talents, fostering essential entrepreneurial thinking, resourcefulness and team work as well as a host of other skills. The ‘Micro-Tyco Method’ is now being used by some of the world's top brands as a key part of their recruitment and employee development strategies as well as by many schools around the world as a different way of teaching these important skills.

Each afternoon students will have the opportunity to join an activity camp with students from Dulwich and the local community. There will also be an extensive evening programme to keep the students entertained throughout their stay.

Tonbridge Future Leaders Programme - 2018

In 2018, we welcomed students onto our course at Tonbridge School in the UK. The students aged between 8-12 participated in a programme developing life skills using the Growth Mindset theoretical approach. Growth Mindset theory seeks to cement learning through practice and challenge. It encourages students to embrace failure if it happens, learn from it and to continue more experienced and better equipped to manage setbacks in pursuit of their goals. In all walks of life and at all ages, we will experience setbacks, but it is how we respond and overcome this that determines our success.

The course combined a mixture of classroom based and outdoor activity learning, to keep the students interested, motivated and ensure the course is, at its heart, fun and entertaining. All the students stayed at Tonbridge and had the opportunity to experience the fantastic facilities, as well as each afternoon attend an activity camp with students from Tonbridge school and the local area, furthering the cultural exchange.

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Jaguar Land Rover

We were asked to assist with a business incentive group with a unique tour of a British factory. They were particularly interested in vehicle manufacturing and so we arranged a private tour of the Jaguar Land Rover facility with access to the new Velar model and exhibit.

Wellington College Future Leaders Programme - 2017

In 2017, we ran the programme at Wellington College in the UK. Again, the focus was on developing student’s growth mindset through interactive and fun challenges. Students were also taken on excursions to Oxford, they built rafts to get across a lake and visited Buckingham Palace as part of their time with us. All activities and sessions are facilitated by the team to consolidate the skills and values the students need in their futures.

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Cambridge University Event

In another business incentive group, we arranged for the private hire of a college at Cambridge University for this companies annual event. This included traditional garden party, red carpet, band and presentation facilities and technical support for their AGM.