Learning Is About The Journey, As Well As The Outcome

Human Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

Why have we chosen to deliver core skill programmes through entrepreneurship to students in Asia? Learning is a lifelong endeavour and one that is filled with highs and lows, just like entrepreneurship. Over our lifetimes we will experience lots of success (and hopefully not too much failure) and to ensure we have more success than failure, preparing the core human skills of Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving and Communication is key to whatever we do in the future in education, work or our personal lives.

As a company, we have spent the past five years living and working in Asia, from mainland China, to Singapore to Bangladesh. We see the importance placed by parents, grandparents and teachers upon academics in education. Whilst academics are clearly very important, core skills should be given equal importance too. We have a number of articles in our Read Me section at the top of the page to support this assertion too.


What do parents tell us

Prior to every education programme, we ask parents or guardians some questions about their child. They include activities they like doing, things they don’t as well as some further context on what they would like their children to work on. We use all this information to tailor the programme to our students.

Outside of the four key pillars on which the programme is based, parents highlighted other key attributes and outcomes they’d like to see from their children having attended the programme. The programme is challenging and we support the students when confronted with something they find difficult, help them to overcome it and equip them to continue to be able to do that in other scenarios outside of the course.