Human Skills & Entrepreneurship Programme

Our programmes are run in collaboration with our Singaporean partner, Discovery Camps at some of the top international schools and enrichment centres. We choose the venues based on their location and facilities available to ensure the right learning environment.

“It’s not always people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest.”

Professor Carol Dweck - Author



Our teachers come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Most are former teachers from the UK looking for a new challenge and some come from business, but all have a common desire to teach students the value of human skills through entrepreneurship.


Programme Report

At the end of each programme, all parents will be provided with a tailored report to your child, detailing where they excelled, areas for improvement and activities you can do as a family at home.


Read Me

Please take the time to read some of the articles in our Read Me section of the website, highlighting the importance of why we should be teaching young people these core skills. We update these regularly with the latest news and views from experts around the world.



We know choosing an education programme for your children can be difficult and not every questions can be answered on the website. That’s why we use WhatsApp for business, just send a message to our dedicated business account on +447441397615. We’re happy to have a personal conversation or a group chat if you’d like to discuss the programme with friends or family.