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Preparing young people for employment in the 21st century

Endeavour Journeys

Endeavour Journeys is an international education provider specialising in teaching skills for life through entrepreneurship. We want to ensure young people have the ‘human’ skills necessary to become employable and effective global citizens in the future.

In a Wall Street Journal survey of 900 employers, “92% of global executives said that soft skills are equally as important or more important than technical skills and as much as 25% of employees have difficulty filling entry level vacancies because they lack soft skills.” We develop these attributes through our skills for life programmes.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals highlight a similar drive to develop the “fundamental skills of collaboration, problem solving and global awareness.”

Our courses focus on developing these necessary core employability skills, including working as a team, effective leadership, empathy and having the right attitude to not give up in challenging situations. We do this through practicing idea generation and business focussed, real world tasks, where students get to try out these skills in a safe, fun but challenging environment with tangible learning outcomes.