How To Use Your Strengths To Overcome Your Weaknesses

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Being reminded of our weaknesses is unpleasant. Therefore, we learn to avoid tasks that require skills that we think of as weaknesses. This avoidance can cause problems and hold you back.  

For example, if you don’t see yourself as good at networking, you’ll likely avoid it. The more you avoid it, the harder it becomes. When you've avoided something for a long time, your skills won't be as good as someone who has regularly practiced. Therefore weaknesses can seem more pronounced over time. You can end up feeling embarrassed by them.

What’s the solution?

A fun option to overcome a weakness is to find a new way to approach it that utilizes one of your core strengths. As per the earlier example, let’s say your weakness is networking. However, two of your strengths are being methodical and conscientious.  You could look for a way to approach networking that uses your conscientiousness. Your solution could be something like methodically following up with a thank you email, note or text message when a coworker has helped you, or a contractor has done a good job. You’re then essentially redefining the activity not as a “networking” activity but as a “conscientiousness” activity….