Reimagining Education Together

A survey run for Big Change has shown why the education system must change with a staggering seven in 10 teachers saying schools must prepare students for more than just exams. This is echoed by parents, with half saying they want schools to focus on more than passing tests.  

The survey overwhelmingly shows that there is a huge appetite for change and the report shows examples of how we can do it. It is full of examples of trail blazers from around the world who have dared to ‘be the change’ in education, who look at the whole child rather than list of grades. 

At Big Change we believe this can’t be achieved in an education system so fixated on standardised testing, grade-point-average, prescriptive lesson plans, copy-and-paste criteria sheets and statistics.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of the human touch when it comes to educating our young people. We need to nurture students, embrace their natural curiosity and recognise their individuality. We need a seismic shift throughout the entire learning ecosystem….