Sir Richard Branson: Want to be an entrepreneur? Start at primary school

What does it feel like to own a business? Have they all been a success? What does it feel like to own an island? 

There are, I imagine, few people who could take on the latter question with any degree of knowledge; yet, sitting in front of a room full of primary school entrepreneurs, Sir Richard Branson seemed happy to take on the challenge. 

It's great, he said, adding: "a business is simply coming up with an idea to improve other people’s lives and, hopefully, when you have done that, more money will come in than goes out.”

Michael Mercieca, CEO of Young Enterprise, also highlighted the importance of introducing enterprise skills to pupils: "Research shows that if you are trying to instill in pupils certain behaviours or attitudes, the earlier you start the better. The employment and life skills developed through an enterprise education are really important and beneficial to all pupils. 

"Young Enterprise research suggests that over 70 per cent of employers say that entry level applicants do not have the necessary employment skills," he continued. "These are the skills that pupils should be developing throughout their education career."