Endeavour Journeys UK Education Programme

Our UK education programme is founded upon three key pillars that we believe will help equip any student with the right skills and attitude to continue their journey to becoming a global citizen in the 21st Century. We blend the theory and practical together to make learning fun, interesting and interactive. Students who come on our programmes will be tasked with real life business situations in which they must use their learning from the course to raise cash in real time towards gaining a recognised global accreditation. The cash raised will be invested through micro-finance schemes in the developing world as the students become entrepreneurs to fund entrepreneurs.

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Learning skills for life

The programme is routed in a number of theories for how best to retain information and develop the right attitude to development and being the best you can be. At the heart of this is that personality traits are not fixed, particularly intelligence and creativity and that through effort, practice and the willingness to learn from mistakes, performance can be dramatically improved. The students will also take away a number of exercises to do at home with their parents to further cement this new outlook.

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Entrepreneurial Skill Development

As part of our education programme, we place students into small groups of five and provide them with seed capital of £1. Participants must grow this seed capital into as much money as possible over a set period with support from Endeavour Journeys. We are specifically trying to develop a broad range of skills for life in a practical, tangible and fun way. Students will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas in a dragons den style final day.



We look at how motivation, behaviour and working through conflict can have a positive impact on their work and relationships. This is done in live scenarios throughout the programme as and when situations occur. The focus is on being more understanding of how others process information and how to ensure their message is tailored to have the greatest chance of being understood and adopted. The value of self-awareness is an important attribute for any aspiring leader.

Expert Teaching

Our teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds, including qualifications gained from leading institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities. All our teachers speak a range of languages and are multi-skilled across a range of disciplines and business areas.

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Safe & Secure Accommodation

Students will get to experience boarding school life, by staying in one of the very modern and secure student’s accommodation houses. This particular house has a few surprises, including a huge garden in which to enjoy the long summer evenings.

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Prestigous Education Venues

We only choose the best UK schools in which to host our residential summer programmes. This allows our international students to get a taste of UK education and a feel for what it’s like to live and learn in the UK.


All students will have the opportunity on the UK residential courses to visit Oxford, Cambridge or London as well as participate in a social initiative such as a fun and rewarding beach clean on one of the UK’s award-winning beaches.


Guest Speakers

On all our courses students will have the opportunity to hear from experts in education and business. The aim is to inspire the students and allow them to ask questions and learn from these inspirational individuals. On some UK residential courses, an excursion to a UK business will also be available.

To find out more about our education programmes both in the UK and overseas, please get in touch using the contact form and a member of the team will be be glad to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.