Endeavour Journeys is a specialist UK education provider working exclusively with students across the Asia region, developing core human skills through entrepreneurship. Each programme focuses on Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving and Communication, balanced with proven theory and academic research. We deliver the programmes through a range of innovative tasks, games and challenges designed to stretch the children’s abilities whilst most importantly learning something new, having fun and making friends. 

The programmes are suited to all ages and abilities, we start at 6 years of age and go up to 12 with programmes held over 5 days. The groups are broken down into ages 6-8 and 9-12 so that we have the right balance of challenge in each programme for the students.

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Human Skill Development

We try to spend as much time out of the classroom as in it. Almost all activities and challenges are done as teams with everyone having defined roles and responsibilities. We get to know the students personalities first, their strengths and weaknesses and adapt the programme to help strengthen their weakness and improve upon their strengths.

I learnt how to calm down and overcome my fears. Before I came to this camp I had little confidence but now I am more confident to speak in front of a class and my friends. I loved the games, competitions and the lessons we learned in this camp. The games were exciting, competitions were challenging and the lessons were very interesting.
— Candice, aged 9
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Academic Theory

We teach adult level topics in age appropriate ways. Here we are teaching the students about neuroplasticity through making bread. Neuroplasticity refers to the changes in brain structure as we experience, learn and adapt and that through a range of experiences we become more knowledgeable and our brains grow. We use making bread as a metaphor for this process, to help illustrate the benefits of a well rounded education and life experience. The students even bring the dough home to make into bread that evening with their parents.

I learnt not to give up, work together and communicate better. When I was going to the front of the class I did not think I would do well and I would mess up but after attending the camp I feel more confident. I loved meeting new friends too. The teachers were very encouraging and fun.
— Ryan, aged 12
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Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Here we gave the students a challenge to create an eco-friendly product and sell it to the class and panel of ‘dragon’ investors. The students created clothes from paper, planned and budgeted for their materials, branded and advertised their range and as a team pitched their idea to the class. We are reinforcing a lot of skills and attributes in one task, all monitored by our experienced teachers and teaching assistants.

I have learnt to work as a team and how to overcome challenges. I have learnt how to say ‘Yes’ to trying out new things that I find scary. I have also improved on solving problems with my friends...I most enjoyed the task when we had to make clothes with newspaper!
— Phillip, aged 10